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1967 - 2019 JMR. Tous les droits réservés.
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LUNNA is the name given by the Dagomba people of West Africa to a small percussion instrument also known as the Tama or "talking drum". This small instrument that is carried under the arm is both percussive and melodic, it was the medium of communication between tribes and was used by the griots to carry the word of kings.

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Lively and dynamic LUNNA opens the door to the JMR floorstanding loudspeakers’ world. Its singing, both tonic and melodious, is in accordance with its name. It conveys with great agility the rhythmic and melodic nuances of all modern and classical music.

Equally well at ease on "pop" music as on lives or classical music, this modern loudspeaker meets in all points the qualitative criterias and the personality of a contemporary JMR loudspeaker.

Affordable to the greatest audience, it already embodies all the magical and philosophical qualities of the major JMR’s floorstanding loudspeakers.

Created and designed by the same creator of the brand's greatest models, LUNNA has received the same care and optimization work as its elders and uses the proven and long-lasting technologies of the most ambitious models in the range.

Design work period on this small column have shown particularly impressive results. The homogeneity, the extent and the linearity of its bandwidth, its pulse response and its extremely accurate phasing curve allows it to achieve performances in coherence with the most advanced products of our range.

LUNNA will easily feed your living space by offering a vast and deep soundscape out of proportion with its compact size. Thanks to its sober and timeless design, it will be very easy to integrate in any interior, whether modern or classic. Its very compact dimensions ensure an easy setup in rooms of medium to modest dimensions (from 12m2). Moreover, it is ideal for urban environments.

Ultimately, LUNNA offers an embodied, rich and very dynamic sound and allows you to constitute a Hi-Fi system that is both musical and very affordable, drawing you straight into the distinctive world of JMR sound.

Technical information


Thanks to a very low directivity you will be able to enjoy LUNNA without a complex installation within its environment. This great feature avoids you to be obliged to converge the two speakers to the ideal listening point to get the best out of its performance. LUNNA can be pinched very slightly in order to take full advantage of the system's phase, and you will, at any time, benefit of all the music from anywhere in the room.
The spacing will be determined experimentally. It is theoretically ideal around 2m from axis to axis but this distance can be reduced or increased depending on the acoustic conditions and the dimensions of the listening room. To obtain a deep and structured stereo imaging, make sure to keep the speakers at least 40cm away from the side and back walls.
These loudspeakers are supplied with chromed steel decoupling spikes and tailpieces. The inserts on the cabinet are made of M6.


Tuned triangular transmission line leading to a front event port allowing the installation close from walls (40cm minimum), lacking internal parallel walls which reduces the formation of standing waves and allows the use of a minimum of absorbent material.
The tweeter is installed in an isolated internal enclosure guaranteeing total inertia and avoiding any mechanical and acoustical intermodulation with the woofer.
19mm MDF cabinetry assembled under press. Rounded vertical edges on the front side avoiding edge effects, wide fillet on the rear upper horizontal edge in accordance with the design of the current range.
Adhesive felt surrounding the drivers in order to minimize the first reflections of the signal on the enclosure and thus ensure a better control of the directivity.

2 ½ way,
6 – 12/12 dB/octave. Crossover frequency 300 and 2800 Hz. Audiophile components carefully chosen.


Brand new 13cm manufactured under JMR specifications derived from the one used for the EUTERPE and the BLISS Jubilee. It uses a long fiber paper cone. The back of this optimized profile cone is treated with a damping coating that improves its internal amortization while maintaining the universally recognized tone qualities of paper. It has a 30mm voice coil on a vented aluminum support providing excellent power handling and a powerful and fast low-end. Its core uses a copper ring to equalize its impedance and significantly reduce its harmonic distortion rate. Its rubber suspension receives a damping treatment on a portion of its profile in conjunction with the cone in order to improve its behavior in the midrange. It has an aluminum basket with a profile that perfectly clears the back of the cone. Its speeder is vented.

Brand new textile dome tweeter using a 25mm voice coil and a neodymium magnet in a small tuned cavity for a low resonant frequency of 650hz. It has a very wide and particularly linear response curve, moreover its directivity is not marked and very progressive off-axis. It has an injected ABS faceplate with a horn profile allowing a better efficiency and optimizing its directivity. This tweeter offers a very nice dynamic range and a lot of detail without dryness or harshness, essential qualities to meet the musical specifications of a JMR loudspeaker.


This system has been designed and developed for home use. Under no circumstances can it be used for public or private broadcasting. Our guarantee would not cover any failure resulting from such uses.


Première récompense "CHOC CLASSICA HIFI":

"Jamais la musique ne semble enfermée dans une boite et se déploie avec aisance".

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Diapason d'Or 2021:

Sa musicalité son sens du rythme, sa remarquable homogénéité n'ont pas laissé Vincent Cousin insensible puisqu'il conclu:

"Les + : Facile, vivante, communicante, juste.

Les - : Rien, même en cherchant bien"

ON-TOP Décembre 2020:

Une fois encore LUNNA enchante !
Pierre Stemmelin conclus dans son excellent compte rendu d'écoute:
"Eh bien, on peut dire que ces enceintes tambours battent au rythme du cœur de la musique. Leur restitution est toujours très agréable tout en étant engagée et percutante. C’est du grand art, un vrai bonheur pour les audiophiles ou tout simplement les mélomanes."

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Additional Information
Frequency response 40 à 25000 Hz
Power handling capacity 120 W
Peak Power 200 W
Power handling 40 à 150 W
Sensitivity 91,6 dB (2,83V) - 89 (2V)
Distorsion lower than 0,5% (level 84 dB)
Filter type 2 ½ ways 6/12/12 dB/octave
Connection Mono-wiring
Dimensions H 33,4’, D 12’, W 7,3’
Weight 39.7 lbs